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We've served a discerning and loyal clientele from all over Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas for over 40 years. Come see why they always come back to their "We Can Do It!" crew at The Frame Shop Gallery! 
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The Frame Shop's award winning custom framing team is premiere in the state, with a reputation for superior quality and creativity in design. With thousands of quality mouldings from the very best moulding companies in the world, Larson-Juhl,, Clark Metal Mouldings and Neilson, our framing is edgy and trendy, sophisticated and elegant, and always timeless.

Left, a hand-embroidered pillow-case flutters in the breeze in this simple and elegant art piece. This heirloom-quality framing captures the simplicity and beauty of the handwork and preserves it for future generations.

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These days you MUST make sure your framer does not send out your work to be completed off-site. As a cost-cutting measure and because they have difficulty hiring qualified and informed framers, the majority of craft- and big-box shops now out-source their framing to off-site warehouses. Without your knowledge or permission, your heirloom is shipped away to their framing assembly lines. 

At the Frame Shop, we are still operating as we have for over four decades: we do all your work here, on-site with our own hands and our own talents fully focused on taking care of you. We cut and join your frame and fillet, mount your artwork, cut your mats and glass, and assemble everything here in our own workshops. We do it all because we know how to do it all. Nothing leaves our possession, responsibility or sincere loving-care.

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The Frame Shop is pleased to offer a full selection of David's prints and even some of David's exquisite originals. We also offer David's artwork on greeting cards.

You may also wish to view David Plank's selection of astonishingly beautiful watercolors on-line here at The Frame Shop! See David's work and read his bio. 

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The Frame Shop's gallery is home to dozens of pieces designed by our award-winning team. Unwind while you browse through original works of art, antiquities, limited edition prints, giclees and the varied styles of many artists. Everything in our gallery is beautiful, fresh, and unmatched, all custom framed by the professionals in our on-site workshop. You won't find these extraordinary pieces at the mass-market-discount-chains (or, worse yet, already hanging in a friend's home!) 

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Mid-price and luxury items not found in discount or department stores carefully selected to convey a sense of humor and unmatched style. The Frame Shop Gallery is THE getaway for inspiration, fun, and an unlimited number of fabulous ideas. You won't find stale or been-there-done-that in our shop.

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The Frame Shop has become a part of our family because of an absolutely unreasonable love for and pride in our work. The Midwest is our home and  community. Our work hangs in thousands of homes and businesses in this area and throughout the Midwest region. 

When you entrust your art and memorabilia to us, we understand that this is an honor. We work to the best of our abilities and with great care and love on every single piece. Our goal is that your project will last a lifetime and be passed down through the generations! 

David and Donna Roberts, Owners

P.S. Yes. It's obvious. We really do it all ourselves! Take a look as we start a day at the shop --- then at the end of the day! GEEZ! Thank you for bringing in your projects and absolutely working our fingers to the bone!

For more details about our day-in and day-out, see our blog!


When you buy from a mom and pop business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home. You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom and dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college. Our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to make happy. Thank you for supporting local small businesses!