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We've served a discerning and loyal clientele from all over Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas for over 40 years. Come see why they always come back to their "We Can Do It!" crew at The Frame Shop Gallery! 
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David Plank Originals and Prints

David Plank has created watercolor paintings of birds for more than half a century. Born in Salem, Missouri in 1934, he began drawing and painting birds in the early 1940's. Except for a three year absence when David served in the U.S. Army, he has always lived and worked in Salem.

David begins his works with pencil drawings of birds in their natural habitat. He then uses his clean, precise style to bring the birds to life with lush, transparent watercolor. David's passion for painting birds has resulted in the creation of more than 1,200 watercolors, hundreds of finished drawings and over fifty thousand field drawings.

Among David's accomplishments:

  • Bird Watcher's Digest - Eleven cover paintings
  • Watercolor USA - Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, MO - exhibitor
  • "Birds in Art" - Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum - Wausau, WI (six time exhibitor)
  • Artist for "The Birds of Missouri-Their Distribution and Abundance" (Dr. David Easterla & Mark Robbins -1991 -University of Missouri Press) 12 paintings, 30 pen & ink drawings - "Arkansas Birds - Their Distribution and Abundance" (Dr. Douglas James & Dr. Joseph Neal - 1986 -University of Arkansas Press)

The Frame Shop Gallery has been the home to David's originals and prints since its founding almost 35 years ago. David graciously spends an afternoon with the shop and our clients every couple of years when he autographs his prints, greets his fans and discusses his new projects.

Some of David's works follow. Please keep in mind that the computer cannot hope to capture the litheness and beauty of David's prints. We invite you to drop by the gallery to browse through David's work in person.

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